word source: Jessica Lee Jenn aka Jenn Jenn

what does June mean to me? I’m not surprised that Jessica came up with June. It is her birthday month after all. 😀 But I like June, especially during the school years of my life. June meant 2 weeks of holidays. Mid year holidays were always the best time.

My brother was born in June. He’s 21 this year. Random fact, hah. June June June. I read about June lilies in ‘Anne of Green Gables’. Here’s a picture of a June lily. 🙂 haha.

I know I’m rambling. I know this post is NOT making any sense. I’m bored. I’m being silly. But really what does any month mean to a person? June. I think there’s a Greek God named June. wait.. I think its Juno not June. Oh bother. Clearly June isn’t really a meaningful month for me. Let’s see what I did in June (aka look at the Archives section)

This year I was busy contemplating either taking Biology or Further Maths. I took Biology obviously. So yay. 🙂 HRM.. this post is not going well is it? I’m abandoning ship.


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