Thanks to Mr. Leonard I now know a whole lot of random facts. July S1’s quirky Thinking Skills teacher mentioned this particular book : The Book of General Ignorance, about 2 months ago or so. Its been bugging me ever since. So today, I asked him if I could borrow the book. Naturally, ever the educator, he did and made me sit in the A-Level Teacher’s Staff Room to read the book as he is paranoid that it will get lost or damaged. I was under strict instruction to make sure no one else handles his precious book on the penalty of death (okay I made up the last part but believe me he was dead serious). Only Jessica has ever bugged me about handling her books the same way. At least, she lets me take them home or out of the 10m radius from her.

ANYWAY (!) the book is really interesting. Its by THE QI (Quite Interesting) TEAM which have had a television series on BBC1. I learned the weirdest facts. Like how Mount Everest isn’t really the tallest mountain the world if you’re measuring it from the base. Its actually some volcano/mountain in Hawaii. And that for the Queen of England to write to you on your 100th birthday, you have to apply. (That makes sense though cos how would she know how old everyone in the country is. But it seems really funny doesn’t it?) The book is ever charming with the forewords/ introductions by the creators already making you laugh. Alan Davies literally wrote ‘four words’ (a pun on ‘foreword’): Will this do Stephen? 😀

I recognise one of its contributors/creators, Stephen Fry who plays Dr. Gordon “Gordon Gordon” Wyatt on Bones. Excellent comic timing. haha. 🙂  I found it an entertaining read. The two hours I was cooped up in the staff room just flew by.

Minor side effect: You DO become annoying after reading the book since you pester everyone with your new-found knowledge. But then again, I was already annoying.


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