Today was a relatively good day. Why?

Chem was practical which is 1000% times less stressful than a normal theory class. I got my Bio paper back and scored 88%, which is the highest in the class. ;D har har har. While waiting for Ms. Nesa in the staff room, the bunch of us who were desperate to know our marks had a fun time talking to our TS teacher, Mr. Leonard; fun cos we finally used his own arguments against him. Its always good to out-talk a teacher. 🙂

Physics test on Mon.

Chem test on Tuesday.

Getting the dreaded TS Paper 1 test tomorrow from Ms. Parimala. Oh the fear. I hope Mr. Leonard doesn’t spring something on us next week. TS is not as easy as it seems. It really requires you to do what it states: “THINK”!!

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