I absolutely love this show. As some of you may know, I took opera lessons in Form 1 to part of Form 2. I absolutely love it (although it was crazy hard) and my teacher(Mr. Toh) did teach me a lot of control over my voice. Anyway, I’ve been following this show on GranadaTV (ch735 on Astro) every Sat night. Its ending tonight which is a major bummer for me.

The main idea behind this reality television show is taking celebrities who sing (popstars) and changing them to opera stars under the training of two well known opera singers, Katharine Jenkins and Rolando Villazon (pictured below)

The contestants were:

As you can see Darius Campbell won. In my opinion, Bernie Nolan had the better voice. But Darius clearly had the young crowd (of swooning girls) voting for him. He really gets into character when he sings. But still Bernie was better.

Just for you to get a little taste of what they sound like (I picked the popular songs you may know):
Bernie Nolan doing the theme from The Godfather, “PARLA PIU PIANO”

Darius Campbell doing “Nessun Dorma”, made famous in recent years by Paul Potts from Britain’s Got Talent. Bad image quality but the sound isn’t too bad.

One thing this contest does is really force these popstars to push their limit. I mean, Marcella sang the Queen of the Night’s Aria from The Magic Flute, the hardest song I can possibly think of.

Watching this show makes me wish even more that Mr. Toh didn’t move to Kepong. Oh well. If I’m ever given the chance to learn opera in the future, I’ll definitely do it again. 🙂 There’s nothing like it.


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