miao ;D

SWEETEST GIRL I KNOW. seriously. You absolutely cannot find a dearer and more loving best friend in the whole world. I cannot believe I’ve known you for 2 years Kitty Kat!! 🙂 🙂 I’ve never had a friend who’d go all the way from KL to Shah Alam for my Confirmation. I’ve never had a friend who attends all my musicals whenever I perform. I’ve never had such a dear friend who disturbs me at midnight to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY (fyi.. i put my hp on silent that night :p ).

HAVE A BLESSED AND SUPER BIRTHDAY Katrina!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You deserve all the blessings from heaven and all the best things in life. I love you!

p.s. you look so pretty in that pic I had to steal it. xx although Alex’s face is a bit “cacated” in it.


6 thoughts on “miao ;D

  1. OMGosh Gracie! Such a short yet sweet post 🙂 Thanks heaps! You’re awesome-r! ❤ Hey come on! It's the least I could do. Besides.. I love your musicals 😀 and and and our outing is long overdue!! 😦
    ps: Alex cut out his own face while taking it! or maybe the camera just liked me more. ahah.


    1. NO IDEA!! i see Steph a lot cos our classes are on the same floor. I’ve never seen you. EVER. Its pathetic how close we are yet never run into each other.


    2. Exactly! Maybe it’s because our classes are in different buildings? Most of my classes are in the same room. And my break time is super limited. At most also 45 minutes. =( Torturous if you ask me.


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