I am starting to enjoy my classes now. I’ve managed to put part of my feelings aside and live with the fact that I am doing what I’m doing. And honestly, studying is the best thing. I’m glad I did not switch courses to do Accounting. I’m glad I’m doing science. I guess the irritation and disinterest I felt at the start of July was due to me was because I was not used to picking up my books once again; but its now a routine. I love studying and I’m glad I’ve got the opportunity to study in A-levels. I am grateful.

I have a few tests coming up this week.
Physics, Thinking Skills and Biology.

The week after next.. Maths test. YAY.. how ‘exciting’! hah.

Anyway, as you all probably know by now, I completely admire Tiffany Soon. I even bought her revision books. 😉 WELL she got STRAIGHT A*s!!!!!! That’s what I want to get for my A-levels. So I am currently completely inspired to work super hard and get the best possible grades. 🙂 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS to her. 😀

I volunteered to do the Malaysian Studies research paper. HAHAHA I know.. more work for me. But I’m happy to contribute in some way. In case they don’t need EVERYONE to present, I may get off the hook. 😛 😛 hahahaha. 😉 clearly i have an ulterior motive. :p


2 thoughts on “consolation

    1. why the ‘too’ in the last sentence? I think I understand that the ‘too’ was meant to be “oh and.. Happy birthday”.



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