i guess missing my classmates and the sanity of SMK USJ 13 (never thought of it that way before) is natural. Its an un-normal (yes I know the grammatical error of that but the UN is there for a reason) environment that I’m in. Its a bit hard getting used to. I am a bit anal when it comes to friends and situations. I cannot stand the fact that I have no control of everything. Sitting with Fiona in the morning makes me ‘homesick’ for the safety of school.

But this is something I’ll have to get used to right? I must learn to adapt and deal with people who I may not like. Its true that out of high school, true friendships are harder to find. I miss having the safety net of my best friends. I miss being in that same group who sits in front for every lab class, jokes with teachers and pressures each other about homework. that’s all gone now.

its time to be self reliant, in more ways than one. but its so hard. : (


4 thoughts on “homesick

  1. I get how you feel. It’s been two months plus but I still feel uncomfortable there. By the way, teachers were asking for you in school 🙂


  2. ……….I miss you~ =3= ❤
    there are some ppl in class I can't really get used to….., yet.
    But, if I have to see them for the next 3 years,
    then, to hell with it, all these "NYARGH~"



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