paradigm shift

So I got my new pair of glasses today and putting them on for the first time, I am reminded why I love buying spectacles. Its a highly riveting experience . My old pair were really scratched (due to my own negligence) thus impairing my vision. When I put on my new pair, the world became so clear. Its amazing what a little adjustment and clear plastic can do huh? The world was brighter, colours were more prominent; I could see the fur on my dogs oh-so-clearly. 🙂 I love buying new glasses. The world changes when you put on that new pair.

Which is something that we can apply in life. Being in a new situation or a new environment can really change the way you view life, the way you view people; a paradigm shift. Going to college is going to be a paradigm shift for me. I know A-Levels isn’t exactly college (like getting a degree in the US) but its pre-university. Its a stepping stone that will bring me to where I want to go. I hope I won’t be too freaked out by the people and the new education. Its been a while since I really studied. I pray I won’t cave under the sudden attack on my currently ‘zonked out’ neurons. Monday is a new beginning and it better be a good one.


2 thoughts on “paradigm shift


    You’ll be fine, I’m sure of it!
    Anyway, Jess is around there… LOL.
    I’m around…but kinda far…. =w=”’.

    No matter what, I’m still there~ XDDDD!



    is it coincidence or what? I’m getting a new pair of glasses as well. 🙂


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