My review on this movie?
It was… o-k. == I mean, it was an okay movie. its worth RENTING and not really the RM11 I paid for it. :/ Unlike other movies I’ve watched, it does not ‘stick to your mind’. But then again, I entered the cinema sceptically after hearing Stephanie’s review of the movie. But it was okay.

I still don’t think Edward is hot. or any guy on that show for that matter. Maybe he’s suppose to look like he has a bleeding arm the whole time but his character seems rather stalker-ish. I mean, if someone followed you EVERYWHERE you went,, would you ‘oh-i-don’t-mind’? NO WAY! you’d FREAK OUT!!!! clearly, the realism in the movie is extremely low.

btw, there were censored scenes. so HAH! how am i suppose to judge their ‘romantic kiss’ then? @_@


out of 5 stars, 2.5.


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