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I am so pleased it’s finally here, just in time to start August 2014. :) Oh happy day!

Five Obsessions

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(If you have not noticed, I’m doing a new thing called Five Friday. I think it’s working, for me at least. I write about Five somethings every Friday, like Five Movies or Five Websites or for today, Five Obessions! So yes, Five Friday, get with the program)


Like so many people of the Internet, I have obsessions. And no, I’m not going to talk about how I’m obsessed with Tumblr or Tom Hiddleston. I’m gonna talk about Five Obsessions that most people wouldn’t associate with me. Here we go:

1. Craig Ferguson

He’s brilliant. I love him. One of my dreams in life is to watch him live but unfortunately, the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is ending this year, so bummer. He’s so funny, to me at least. I really like the way he conducts his interviews. Supposedly there is no script and he never talks about the thing the person comes to promote. And he’s Scottish so you know, that does it for me. Look up Craig Ferguson on YouTube. Like his interview with James McAvoy, that’s a good one (shut up, Scottish vortex of charm guys). But here’s one of him and Jon Hamm that’s hilarious.

2. Online shopping

Maybe this isn’t that big of a surprise but I love online shopping. The fact that I could purchase something by just clicking makes me so high. I do this terrible thing where I look through a bunch of stuff, click ADD TO CART but then never click PURCHASE at the end. I think it’s a problem. I’m probably a shopaholic. Oops.

3. Chai latte

Gah. I love Chai Latte. I know chai means tea. And that’s it’s pretty stupid to call it Chai tea. But whatever, I love it. Whenever I’m back from JB, I buy a cup from Coffee Bean in the morning cause there’s actual parking near the place.

4. Boost


5. Hugs

I’m all for physical contact. No, not in a creepy way. I love to hug people. People don’t usually like hugs but I would hug the heck out of people. I hug my dog, my friends, my parents get the worst of my hugging tendencies. I hug pillars. I hug stuff, okay? Physical contact is my love language. And compliments. And gifts. Heck, I think I use the whole love languages stuff. But yes, hugging. I am obsessed with hugging.

PSA time y’all

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So, this isn’t that much of a post as it is a PSA for you to watch Anna Akana on YouTube. She’s awesome.


Here’s a link.

And just so you know what her channel is not about, here’s a gif:

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It’s kinda sad that the first time I step into a gurdwara it’s for final prayers in the funeral rites. The people were lovely, though I admit it was kinda awkward because we had to wait a good 2 hours till we could actually see my friend for 10 seconds to offer our condolences. But hey, it’s a funeral, waiting is not a big deal.

I spent most of my day with my housemate’s parents and her boyfriend because I hitched a ride for the funeral prayers. I always get a little bummed out at things like this because their family dynamic seems so normal and loving, and I come back to well, not a great time. I thought that having heard of so much loss in the world, we would come to understand how important it is to love one another. But clearly that information did not quite resonate with some people. 

Tomorrow, I’m supposedly going to do ‘grown-up’ stuff like banking and driving places, which scares me but it’s part of life, right? I have 5 days till I go home, 7 days till my next MCR. Joy.


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I was inspired by Carly Heitlinger’s post here about Truths (yes, with a captial T) in life. Being home for the past 3 days have given me something to think about. Here are my Truths, things I have learned along the way, on my journey to almost being 22 years of age.

Fake being happy, even when you’re not.

Mindy Kaling once wrote “Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.” I have found that you just have to smile sometimes, pretend to be okay when you’re not. No, I’m not talking about hiding your feelings away. I’m talking about pretending to be happy because there is a time and place for you to be unhappy. Do not bring a sour expression into a group session, do not bring your drama to your workplace, keep it for your private time. Or even, if you’re having the shittiest day and you have to go meet your best friends or your family for something, shove those crappy feelings away and fake it. Deal with your stuff another time because bringing bad energy to important things just makes it worse for everyone. I’m guilty of being the negative one a lot of the times, especially when I’m having my own emotional ups and downs. I have learned that it’s useless to be lousy to others when you’re feelings lousy yourself. It just ruins everything.

Sometimes it’s worth paying more for something of quality.

I’m terrible at spending. I used to be so particular about getting my money’s worth that I didn’t understand the meaning of it. With time, I have learned to think of quality over the quantity. Like in buying shoes or bags, I look for something that will last instead of what’s cheaper. There is no point buying something that’s temporarily saving you money but breaks down in a short while. You’ll just end up buying it again and spending twice the amount.

Everyone deserves respect.

This is a no-brainer, or at least it should be. Respecting other people and their opinions isn’t easy when you’re pretty stubborn yourself. Even if that person is a sweeper or is sillier (in your opinion) than you are, R E S P E C T! I try to do this. I don’t ever want to talk down to people, I don’t want to bully someone. I have had first hand experience of what judging people does to relationships. No one likes the person sitting on a high horse. There’s this nice quote my mom pasted on the wall “Never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up.” Everyone deserves to be heard, everyone deserves the same amount of care, regardless of status or money or religion or whatever. Treat others the way you expect to be treated. 

There are no shortcuts for important things.

This applies to relationships, to assignments, to planning a trip. Place enough care in things that matter. Take the time to talk to your family or your friends instead of expecting them to be waiting for you. Take the time to set a schedule for your work and COMMIT to it instead of cramming the night before. Take the time to prepare for events instead of rushing out in the last minute, hopping to put on your shoes. There are no shortcuts, end of story.

Speak up for what matters to you.

If you’re in a group that pushes someone around and that makes you uncomfortable, stick up for that person. Don’t be a follower just because it’s the popular opinion. People appreciate it when you appreciate them. Speak up for people, speak up for your beliefs. If you think a plan is stupid, say that you do (sure, word it politely). You may find other people who feel the same way. There is no use grumbling after that, it’s just wasting your breath.

It’s okay to not know stuff.

I’m pretty proud in that sense, I hate being the one who knows nothing. I like to pretend I do. But very much like the lost person who drives around refusing to ask for directions, I have had instances when I, well, “open mouth, insert foot”. It’s better to have ‘no shame’ and ask instead of acting like you completely understand. Even if you get laughed at, what the hell right? It won’t matter to people who care enough to be your friends.

Those are what come to mind right now, anyway. I doubt I’d change my opinions on these anytime soon. There are just somethings that never change.


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People don’t always change. Not even when you think they will. I always have this hope that when I come back up, when I come back home, that my family would always be cheerful, we’d laugh more, there’d be more happy times. But that’s the thing: you can’t expect people to change; you just have to change the way you react to stuff.

I have this belief that if I hoped enough, if I prayed enough, things would be better. But if I fall back to old ways, how can I expect those I love to become any more different? I’m not saying that people are static blocks that are immune to change. People do change, they may see things differently but a lot of the time, whatever that makes us inherently.. ‘us’ doesn’t change. Stubborn behaviour remains stubborn behaviour, people can get careless with relationships. It happens.

We just need to adjust.

In other news, Hercules was actually a nice movie. I went in expecting a ‘300-esque’ type blood bath but it was quite tame and a good laugh. Decent enough to spend an afternoon.

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Being home is lovely. I managed to see my best friend yesterday (I actually drove to a mall. SERIOUSLY. Sure, it’s the holiday period but I drove to a mall! Achievement, people. :))

I’m feeling a little too hopeful lately. I just like being home, so that in itself has boosted my spirits. I’m going shopping for running shoes tomorrow, which makes me ridiculously excited. I’m going to church in the morning after what feels like FOREVER since I missed mass in the last 2 weeks. I intend to fully use my holidays this time. Nothing shall kill my spirits, regardless of how cranky anyone decides to be on this trip.



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