Group E

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There is a legitimate reason why this post is going up much later than usual: I was at a group dinner at my tutor’s place. It was a good time, surprisingly; I was pretty apprehensive because he can be extremely picky and I almost lost my temper at him in class once. His words can sting and he can make you feel like you’re really dumb, but then there are times when he is really awesome, like tonight.

I realise how much I like this group I’m currently in. Sure, we have our ups and downs but in general, they’re the best group I’ve had in medical school so far. I don’t want to be disbanded and reshuffled into another group next year, especially since it’s likely that it’s just going to be our group that’s reshuffled.

These nine people have been a big support and a warm environment for me, especially compared with the group I had last year. I never quite found my footing with them but with this group, I have my own ‘spot’, so to speak.

As my exams approach (15 days away!!), I can’t help but think about how different Year 3 has been for me: I’ve worked harder, pushed myself and did things I never thought I’d be able to do. I just hope that my work this past year and what I’m doing for the next 15 days will be enough to move on to Year 4.

Five OTHER Careers

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I am a medical student. I will be a doctor in slightly over 2 years. But I had considered other options for my life prior to this. For this Five Friday, here are the 5 other paths I might have taken.

I love Ancient Egypt. I was really keen on learning their culture, their language, their games, their gods. I still have bookmarked pages of the British National Museum’s exhibit of Ancient Egypt. I almost cried when there was an expo on Tuthankamun in Singapore that I missed. I love The Mummy (first and second movie) and I watched a lot of NGeo documentaries. This would have been my choice if it was viable.

I was good at accounts. It’s a great subject. Straightforward, everything balances off! There isn’t much that is quite as satisfying as being able to tally the books at the end of the day. I would have done this if I didn’t love Biology more.

Biomedical Science-related
I may still get a degree in this as a postgrad work later on, perhaps. After A-levels, I was able to get a place in a really good UK university for this (thinking about it still bums me out) but due to financial constraints, I had to let it go. A-levels really showed me that I enjoyed research and lab work, the main reason I applied for this course. But it wasn’t meant to be, at that point in time anyway.

I enjoy seeing how people think. I like placing myself in other people’s shoes and figuring out their motivations for things. It’s interesting to observe behavior and ‘shrink’ people. I am usually the one person in my group who bothers about the psychosocial aspect of the disease, because it does cause a significant amount of impairment in people. Again, this is something I may do after med school.

As I said in the last post, I’m a Mad Men addict. And I have found creating art as a good outlet, even if it’s not that great. I enjoy mass comm; I love hearing about one of my best friend’s classes for that reason. That period of time between Year 1 and Year 2, when I was going through a lot, mentally, I did look up doing this sort of work and the courses in Lim Kok Wing University. But again, external forces pushed and I didn’t switch to arts. Who knows, that may have been for a good reason.

What about you? Do you have any other career choices that you would have taken if life hadn’t brought you to where you are?

mAd Men

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I like the show Mad Men. Really, I do. I think I actually started watching it late 2012, when there were reruns on FX (I don’t have AMC here). I was on break, it was on the telly and it was episode ONE. Of course I watched it. Jon Hamm is fantastic as the guy you love to hate, with an amazing supporting cast. My favourite aspect about that show is the realism of the struggle women faced during that period in time, Don’s relationship with his daughter and Peggy, and of course, THE COMMERCIALS.

I didn’t particularly like commercials when I was younger because, let’s face it, Malaysian commercials are the worst. Sure, Petronas comes out with really good ones during any festive season but apart from that, there aren’t any good commercials. The internet however, has provided me with a new perspective on that.

Mad Men is about an advertising company, much like the one Darren worked at in Bewitched. You get to watch the process from an idea, to refining it, to the storyboards, to the artwork. I love it. I remember how Season 8 of Mad Men started, with a guy pitching his idea for a watch commercial to Peggy; all he does is describe it, there are no props.. and you are instantly captured. I like to make commercials up in my head sometimes, I like to think I’m good at it. My brother has heard a lot of my ideas for different brands, it’s bordering on annoying. (That’s the problem with Mad Men, though. You instantly think you ‘know the biz’).

I know, it’s probably ridiculous: why does anyone like commercials? Why do the Superbowl commercials matter then? There is something about being able to sell a product or a lifestyle or an idea to people within a short period of time that is almost like magic. When you watch a commercial, it’s main purpose is to entice you. You are suppose to WANT to be that person, or WANT to use that product, or WANT to live that lifestyle. The commercial can tug at your heartstrings, make you swoon or even make you laugh. It’s a small movie that’s meant to capture your attention and stick with you.

Most importantly, it’s suppose to be effective. Why else would people advertise? There is such a careful selection of the right actors, the right music, the right script. I admire people who work in advertising because it takes so much imagination to work for something that’s going to have relatively short airtime. They’re both business people and artists at the same time.

For the fun of it, here are a few of my favourite commercials that I have seen:

The FAMOUS Jaguar ‘Villains’ commercial

The Discovery Channel ‘I love the whole world’ advert

Shut up i’m not crying ‘Budweiser Clydesdales ‘ commercial from the Superbowl in 2013

The ‘Old Spice’ guy has to be here

The Thai Anti-Smoking Ad

The IKEA Book Book advert

Microsoft’s 2014 Superbowl ad

The Skype Ad

Do you have any favourite commercials? link to them in the comments or Tweet me. :)


Writing Prompt: Finite Creatures

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Mortality is something that I have always been familiar with. I think my first direct experience with death is when my dog died when I was 3 years old. It was quite a horrific death, an image I can never get out of my mind. Lucy was our white Chihuahua, quite a small one and she was mauled to death by our neighbour’s dog. I remember that day clear as day. I remember her body.

I think Death has always been close to me, so to speak. I was the one to find my other dog’s (Julius) body when he died. I have had a few encounters which could have gone either way, and yet, I am still here. That is partially the reason I have an inclination slightly more morbid thoughts or even extreme paranoia about circumstances.

The acknowledgement that death is inevitable is something I have always had. I knew people die, I knew your pets die, I knew plants die. It’s a normal process of life. But acknowledging and truly allowing things to ‘set in’ are two different matters.

I have spoken about this before, but the death of my former Sunday school classmate did hit home very hard, and this year, the death of my friend’s father on that tragic flight was also a big realisation. I don’t think I have ever felt it as acutely as I did these last 365 days.

I could die at any moment and so could anyone I have ever known. I think you can never truly understand it unless you have that ‘moment’ when you really feel it in your soul. I think those of you who have had that sort of a loss will understand what I’m talking about. It’s different from just understanding the normal cycle of life.

It’s something else entirely.

What’s the point of this post? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just something to think about; about the things in life that we want to achieve that we have not, and how when faced with the reality of our own mortality, we may find ourselves filled with regret over missed opportunities.

(insert theme song here)

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Survivor came out in the late 90’s and I used to watch it quite regularly. If you haven’t watched the show, it’s about well, surviving. A bunch of contestants, complete strangers are tossed to an island and divided to 2 (or more) tribes where they have to live off the land, compete for supplies and finally, vote each other off. Primitive methods but it makes for good TV (at least in the 90s).

I have a bunch of friends that I truly adore, some of which I have met in person and some of which are online acquaintances. But they all have one thing in common: they’re a freaking supportive bunch. Marie Forleo and Todd Herman spoke about the importance of building a tribe here, and I couldn’t agree more.

A tribe, much like the ones on Survivor are there to help you make it through the ‘trial’ which is life. You make alliances, you make pacts, you stick together, you cheer each other on. Unfortunately for a lot of us, we tend to fall back to the same attitudes we see on Survivor: the backstabbing, the mean comments. I won’t deny that I too, have behaved that way too.

But with experience comes maturity (in some ways) and I have learned to build my friends up instead of being petty and jealous. I love all my girls and wish them the best. But I don’t refrain from being harsh in circumstances that require it because sometimes, tough love is needed. I will cheer you on but I will also ask that you be realistic, not to bite off more than you can chew and to set realistic expectations.

I do hope we all have friendships that allow us to be ecstatic about the person’s success in life. They are your tribe: their success is your success, it should propel you further. Never let jealousy overwhelm you, it leads to bitterness and resentment.

Maxie McCoy writes about Why You Need a Tribe in her guest post on The College Prepster here. Take a read and start creating your own little support system.

Day 7: Wrap Up

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So, I think this has been the most productive week I have had so far. I have actually studied, I feel better physically, I feel better emotionally and I am actually happier. I would consider Inspire Week to be a success for me. I know, it probably wasn’t as resourceful for the rest of you, but I hope you found a reason to look for inspiration in your own life.

To conclude, here are my main suggestions:

I really recommend the morning routine: Having a purpose and direction in the morning has helped provide a good ‘base’ for my day.

Taking a few minutes to meditate. I can vouch for this after trying it for a week. Meditation is really good for you to take time in the quiet. Add manifesting to that, and you’re really good to go. It’s such a helpful method of recognising what you truly want in life.

Exercising for short bits. It’s convenient and it is such a boost to your day.

Anyway, I thought I’d leave you with good resources on getting inspired or just feeling better!:

I actually can’t write much right now, I do have more studying to do, but yeah. I thought I’d end this week with that, and go back to my ‘usual’ stuff tomorrow. I think I need a new Something Day, like how I do Five Friday? Maybe a Talk Tuesday (audio post) or a Photo of the Week on Sundays? Or if you have any ideas, you could let me know on Twitter or in the comments. :)

Day 6: Wise Words

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I have had productive day and I’m very grateful for that. My parents are coming down tomorrow, so a good day is what I needed and I am very happy that I got it. That image above was created by InspiredlyInsane aka Irene who does beautiful typography. If only Society 6 shipped to Malaysia!

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